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In my lab we develop methods based on Fourier Optics for label-free, quantitative, microscopic imaging. Our work involves optical system design, imaging and image processing and cell biology. We are currently focused on the following problems:

1)   BoustanySierra2012We are developing optical label-free methods to track mitochondrial function.

2)   Text Box: Color-coded distribution of subcellular structures within a live endothelial cell. (colorscale in units of mm).We are investigating how subcellular structural alterations arise in cells which have defects in the molecular pathway of programmed cell death (apoptosis) and the role of mitochondrial dynamics as the source of these changes.  The goal of this work is a) to advance emerging cancer cell diagnosis methods based on light scattering, and b) to design label-free cell assays for high throughput drug discovery.

3)   We are investigating how structural responses detected optically can report on cell mechanics and strain. The goal is to understand how extracellular mechanical cues affect neuronal branching and the local subcellular structural changes which precede injury or repair.