Lab Facility

Rutgers Biomedical Engineering Department (BME) building has core facilities for conducting research in genomics and proteomics, tissue engineering, biomedical imaging and optics, microfabrication, animal study, and high-performance computing. Dr. Zahn’s research lab includes a microfabrication facility with the following equipment:

-EVG620 Optical Lithography System

-Headway PWM32 Substrate Spinner

-Kurt Lesker PVD 75 Physical Vapor Deposition System


-Xetch Xenon difluoride ecthing system

Usage & Storage Policy

Cleanroom Storage Policy

Anteroom Policy

Microscopy Room Rules


Equipment documents & data sheets

SU-8 Datasheet

EchoThermJ HP40 Programmable Digital Hot Plate


General Procedures & Recipes

SU-8 Fabrication Recipe

PVD Instructions

Shipley S1818














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