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Student Opportunities

We are looking for students with good programming skills, familiarity with Linux operating systems, and strong Matlab or web development skills. Currently we have the following project(s):

Visualizing Sonar Data: The project involves processing and visualizing sonar data; we are currently receiving 12-24 Gb of data per day from the COVIS sonar platform on the NEPTUNE Canada underwater cabled sea-floor observatory and hope this will continue for many months. We need help with the application of existing sonar processing code (in Matlab) and a variety of visualization and quantification efforts (some applications exist but some are still in development). This project is a joint collaboration between scientists at Rutgers (Karen Bemis, Peter Rona, Deborah Silver) and at the Applied Physics Lab, University of Washington.  More information on the project can be found at the Acoustic Imaging website.

No financial support is available directly from this project as of 9/1/12.  Research or class credits may be arranged for all levels of students. Graduate students may be eligible for other funding.

Interested?  Contact us:

Dr. Karen











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