Basic SGE commands

  • GUI interface for configuring SGE and managing user jobs - qmon

  • Text based commands for SGE queues configuration - qconf, qmod
    Each computational node is assigned a unique queue name.

  • Show job/queue status - qstat
    no arguments Show currently running/pending jobs
    -f Show full listing of all queues
    -j Shows detailed information on pending/running job
    -u Shows current jobs by user

  • Show job/host status - qhost no arguments Show a table of all execution hosts and information about their configuration
    -l attr=val Show only certain hosts
    -j Shows detailed information on pending/running job
    -q Shows detailed information on queues at each host

  • Submit scripts - qsub

    Started with no arguments it accepts input from STDIN (^D to send submit input)
    -cwd Run the job from the current working directory
    -v Pass the variable VAR (-V passes all variables)
    -o Redirect standard output (Default: Home directory)


    qsub -cwd -v SOME_VAR -o /dev/null -e /dev/null

    The submit parameters can be specified in the script,
    In such case, just run:


    Note that qsub only accepts shell scripts, not executable files.

    Also: man qsub for details

  • Deleting submitted job from the queue - qdel


    qdel jobID

    For running jobs, use the force flag, "-f".


    qdel -f jobID

  • Manual pages for some SGE commands