4. Learn more

The "apt" facility goes lots deeper and wider than what I've hinted upon here. I've only scratched the surface!

To get your knees wet, try these:
% man apt-get
% man apt-cache
% man sources.list
% man dpkg

% man grep
% man cut
% man sort
to learn more.

Also check out the manpage for your command shell,
% man bash
% man tcsh
% man ksh

Look for your shell's GLOB (*part* aka filename expansion) and COMPLETION (aka filename completion) features; these are powerful tools that can save your patootie from the sling once you know how to use them...

For further reading, and to learn about Debian or Linux in general, visit these websites often:

and for Linux-general (not Debian specific) info, try

then when you begin to understand the ways of Linux, see

Apt sure is handy and powerful stuff, once you get used to it.

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