Course Overview
650:485 section 90

Officially titled, "Linux for Engineering and Information Technology Applications", is departmental elective for the Spring 2003 and 2004 semesters from Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Course topics include Linux operating system concepts (kernel, shells, users, groups, processes, etc), system installation and configuration (disk partitions, kickstart installation, RedHat Package Manager), introduction to networking (protocols, IP addresses, Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), subnets and routing, network ports), security (TCP-wrappers, secure shell (SSH), Linux firewalls, packet filtering with iptables, PGP/GPG, tripwire), Network File System (NFS), Network Information Service (NIS), LDAP, Linux-Windows integration (dual boot, Samba server), Linux programming, Linux clusters (Beowulf), web servers and other topics.

Maximum course enrollment is sixteen students due to the limited number of workstations. The course will be taught in the new Unisys/Linux laboratory in the Engineering D-Wing.

The prerequisites are junior and senior standing in Engineering and sufficient experience in using Unix as a user.

Class Schedule for Spring 04

Lecture: Wed. period 3 (11:30 -- 12:50 am)
(Practical Work Sessions):
Time to be
arranged for
2 or 3 recitations

Course Logistics

Text Book: Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition, Version 1, Paul Sheer