Random Stuff


Well, as the regular visitor to my page will notice(while the irregular and ineffective visitor would have already forgotten what this page used to be like) I finally got around to putting up a bunch of links. So here goes...

Google: The obligatory google link. Though its rather redundant. I mean to say, assuming you are so seriously unoccupied and didnt have anything to do and for some reason wanted to know what people named "Raghav Subbarao" were up to in the world...then it would seem much more probable that you ran a search on google and found this page rather than the other way around. But well the etiquette of good webpage making seems to require this and hence the link.

Piled Higher and Deeper (PhD): Highly reccomended...For current graduate students so that they can feel happy with the knowledge that there are other wierdos apart from them who actually join grad school...and for future graduate students to know the truth about grad school.

Bibliomania: Awesome site...helps fill up those long hours between lunch and dinner.

Abstract Algebra Study Guide:Well since the nerdiness had to kick in sometime...fun site on basic algebra. Loads of problems...also helps fill up those long hours between lunch and dinner.

Soccernet:Not being able to watch live football on TV I have to make do with second-hand information off here...but what the hell...into every life some rain must fall. While you are at it you might as well check up on the latest news regarding the greatest football club in the world...AC Milan.

Formula 1:The same goes for Formula 1. I need to get myself some good cable TV!!!