Thermal Photonics & Engineering Laboratory

Supervisor: Zhixiong Guo
Location 1: Rm. D-123C (Ti:S fs laser and microprocessing lab), Busch Campus Engineering Building
Location 2: Rm. A-202 (Cell culture, nanosensing and thermophysical properties measurement lab), Busch Campus Engineering Building

Location 3: Rm. A-243 (Simulation and student study), Busch Campus Engineering Building

It is my intention to always conduct research at the apex of where technology and science meet, where interdisciplinary knowledge is exploited. My research field focuses on fundamental problems in advanced technologies in laser applications and energy transport, especially those that interface with emerging areas such as life sciences and nanotechnology. The goals of my research are (1) to understand fundamentals in radiation transfer processes and photon-matter interactions in emerging technologies in small scale time and/or length; (2) to develop interdisciplinary research in life sciences and engineering using my professional background in physics and engineering; (3) to solve important engineering problems; (4) to improve human health; (5) to make contributions to the advancement of the state-of-the-art in technology; and (6) to integrate research with education to provide outstanding teaching for undergraduate and graduate students, to attract more women and minorities to science and engineering, and to outreach industries with emerging technologies.

Topics of Research

o   Heat transfer analysis in energy systems

o   Thermal management and rapid cooling of electronics

o   Ultrashort pulsed laser advanced micro/nano manufacturing

o   BioNano sensing and ultra-precise measurement techniques

o   Thermal and solar radiation

o   Modeling of radiation transfer

o   Molecular Dynamics study of nanoscale heat transfer


Facilities and Equipment


Grants and Awards