Adrian Mann

Associate Professor,
Associate Director, IAMDN
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Fax: (732) 445-3258
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Research Area/Interests
Using a range of nanoscale materials characterization techniques the early stages of diseases in mineralized tissues are being studied. Examples include dental caries and osteoporosis in bone. X-ray microanalysis coupled with SEM enables chemical variations to be identified, X-ray microtomography provides details of 3-dimensional structure and nanoprobe instruments (nanoindentation and atomic force microscopy - AFM) are used to measure mechanical properties. The results are used in computer based simulations of the behavior of diseased, mineralized tissues invivo. AFM, near-field scanning optical microscopy and advanced modeling techniques are being used to study the deposition, growth, chemistry and mechanics of thin protein films on biomaterial surfaces. Studies of protein layers and thin microbial films, are essential to understanding how the human body responds to man-made and natural biomaterials.
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